About our school

'Markaki- Markoulaki' private language school has had an active presence in the field of English language teaching since 1976. Always having competent university graduates and native speakers as members of its staff, our school never stops paying special attention to each student's individual needs. Thus, lessons are designed to cater for all learning styles and abilities as well as cover a variety of topics. 

We also take advantage of modern technology, such as the Internet, to exploit the vast potential it offers and to generate genuine interest in the subject matter of the lessons. We have made sure that there is all the supportive equipment needed for such lessons available, having in our disposal not only pleasantly colourful classrooms, but also a spacious projection room, a library with books of all levels and a state-of-the-art computer room.

Importantly, all our classes consist of a limited number of learners, which facilitates the teacher to focus on each one of them individually when needed. The school also organizes educational trips to England almost every summer, parents' meetings and end-of-year celebrations to supplement classroom work.

Besides, why can't English language lessons be entertaining as well as educational and informative? This is the case in our school, where every single lesson is inextricably related to the students' personal choice to attend it.

Useful Information:

Office number: +30 2810 224 779

Address: 49 Knossou Avenue, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Postcode: 713 06

Email address: markakischool@gmail.com

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