Saturday, December 23, 2017


Happy Holidays to everyone! Here are some of the activities we implemented in our classrooms right before Christmas this year.

Videos we used for students of different levels: 

New Year’s Resolutions for English Language Learners

Funny scene of Friends

Phrases expressing resolutions 

Christmas Karaoke

Crazy Christmas traditions around the world

The Gingerbread Man

A Christmas Carol - short version

Mr Bean’s Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas- when Jack discovers Christmastown
Creating cards full of new vocabulary and drawings!

More cards!

Scrooge's simplified story in a children's video.

Wishes pouring out of our adult learners' envelopes.

We love karaoke and learning words from songs!

Improvised small alphabet notebooks
so that the Juniors practise more during the holidays.

Planning how to achieve a resolution so that motivation
is never lost thought the new year!

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