Wednesday, November 22, 2017


When Mari Yamauchi, a resourceful teacher of English from Japan, first visited our island, we had no idea that years later she would accept to contact our 10-year-old students in English and easily transmit her passion for life to her young correspondents. In a video she sent us, she described life in japan and showed related pictures, which excited us all, especially since we had already read about Japanese customs and traditions. In return, A' class made a video presenting aspects of life in Greece as well as their favourite objects. The result was so successful that has given rise to ideas for further communication which will possibly include Japanese children the same age as our students and lots of other surprises, just like dancing sparks resulting from the fiery magic of learning.

After making an amazing video!

While brainstorming ideas...

Choosing which objects to present to Mari.

The actual presentation.

Different age groups enjoyed Mari's initial video.

When Mari visited Heraklion in 2012.

Mari's messages to our students after watching the video they prepared for her. We are going to reply by leaving comments under this post.

Hello, dear Melpomeni. Marianna, Maria, Catherine, Alina, George and John, Stelios, Xenia, and Ilias! Thank you for your video! I enjoyed watching you talking about your favorite things 🙂

Melpomeni, your Japanese is pretty good! Please use it and make Japanese friends 🙂 

Yasu, Marianna! Πώς είσαι; I really want to visit Parthenon some time! Is it close to your house?

Maria and Xenia, thank you for showing your Disney books in Greek! Is Micky Mouse popular in Greece? He’s really popular in Japan. 

Catherine, now I know the word “Χριστούγεννα”! Thank you:-) There are lot of stories about Christmas in your book? 

Alina, thank you for showing your Greek book! I’m sorry I can’t see the book very well. It’s about Gerolmo? Please tell/show me more 🙂 

George and John, thank you for showing the disk with words on it. What is it called again, please? It looks interesting! What are the words about? 

Stelios, Aesop is very popular in Japan too, and I read Aesop stories when I was a kid. Yes, it has many important messages. Which stories do you like? 

lias, I have a book about this boy, Greg too. Mine is in English, and it’s titled “Wimpy kid”. You can read it in English some day! 

 Thank you so much again for your video messages! Please keep in touch! 🙂 Mari


  1. Hello Mari! Our names are John and George. The disc is called the Disc of Festos. We don’t know what it says because the scientists are not sure. The letters are in code and we found the disc in a very old palace in the town of Festos on Crete. Some people think that this was the first computer! Have you got anything similar in Japan?

    Hello Mari! I’m Alina. My book is about Geronimo. He is a crazy mouse. He runs, plays and travels, but some mice tease him. Geronimo is happy in the end. He writes on a newspaper, too! Do you like this story?

    Hello, I’m Marianna. I’m OK, thanks for asking! No, I don’t visit the Parthenon at all because it is in Athens. I live in Heraklion. Have Japanese people got any temples like the Parthenon?

    Hi, I’m Stelios. I like some stories. I love the Call of Nature and Wolves Please don’t cry. Have you got any famous old writers in Japan?

    Hi, I’m Ilias. I will read the book in English in the future. When I read it, I will tell you about my favourite parts. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Fantastic to see teachers and students from around the globe working together! My warmest congratulations!

    1. Heartfelt thanks, my amazing colleague! Let us all have a wonderful teaching day today!