Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Hi everyone! Thank you for your replies πŸ™‚

John and George, the first computer! So interesting! I think it’s really challenging to know what it says because it’s very very old!  There was such a rich culture on Creta already in 1600 B.C., a very very long time ago. Amazing!  In my hometown, in a northern part of Japan, there is one of the three oldest documents recorded on a stone. This was created 1300 years ago. It’s not that old and the letters are not that mysterious. But it’s important because you can see the link between my hometown, Tagajo, and the central government at that time. The central government was very far away from Tagajo.

Alina, so Geronimo is a smart and cheerful mouse? Yes, I like it, and I want to read his story! Geronimo lives in a modern world, doesn’t he? In Japan, there are a lot of old stories telling about mice’s world. A long time ago, Japanese people thought there was a mice’s world underground, and they could make good people rich. This is one of the most famous one, titled Omusubi Kororin (Rolling Rice Balls).

Mariana, you’re right. Heraklion is quite far from Athens. I’ve never been to Athens either! We have a lot of temples and shrines all over Japan. There are 77,000 temples and 81000 shrines! Some are huge and gorgeous, but some are tiny and simple. The top 2 shrines are Ise Jingu (Ise Grand Shrine) and Izumo Taisha (Izumo Grand Shrine). Ise Jingu worships one of the oldest and the most important goddesses, Amaterasu Omikami (Goddess of the Sun). In Izumo Taisha, there is a meeting of gods and goddesses all over Japan, once a year. All the gods and goddesses come from their hometown to Izumo in October.

I don’t know your favorite story! It makes you cry? I’ll check πŸ˜‰ We have many old stories, but they are folktales and no specific writers wrote them. But there are some newer writers. They are famous for their children’s books. Kenji Miyazawa is one such a writer, and his story titled “The Restaurant of Many Orders” is one of the most famous. Please take a look at this video of this story.

HI Ilias. That sounds great! I looked for a popular story among Japanese elementary school students. And Kaiketsu Zorori books are the most popular. I haven’t read it but it’s about the adventure of a fox called Zorori. There is also an anime version too. Please take a look. Do you like it? 


  1. Hello Mari, I am Marianna. I like the information about gods in Japan! What is your favourite God?Do you go the meeting of gods in October? Thank you for your fantastic message!

  2. Hello Mari!

    What is the stone's name? Do you know it says?

    Thank you very much!

    Bye for now! George.

  3. Hi Mari I'm Stelios. I watched the video of 'the restaurant of many orders' and I liked it! the book 'wolf please dont cry'is popular in Greece. this book says for a man in the Artic who lives in a wolf family and this man believes the wolf isn't bad. it IS A GOOD book .

  4. Hi Mari,I am Maria. I think Mickey Mouse is very popular in Greece because all kids read the comics. What is your favourite Mickey Mouse story? Thank you!

  5. Hello Mari!I'm Alina. Thank you for your fantastic video!I can't understand everything but I like it.

  6. Hi Mary I am Xenia and I am writing about Mickey Mouse. I think he is famous in Greece. I like
    him because I often watch these animations.
    bye for now