Wednesday, October 18, 2017


1) Using Quizlet to learn and practise new vocabulary has been amazing for learners of all ages in our school. Future exam candidates also get to check their understanding of new words by matching them to their English synonyms through a variety of pleasant tasks, which has proven valuable for the consolidation of knowledge at such a high level. 

2) Creating the basis for web searches and other online content on various school blogs and wikis has been a standard teaching practice of our school for years.  Here you can find a list of student blogs and wikis created throughout the years, most of which are still used for practising purposes.

4) Write and Improve by Cambridge English has also been another extremely useful website where learners can demonstrate their writing skills and get feedback by formally trained Cambridge raters. 

5) Employing Pearson coursebooks has allowed our students access to an amazing website called My English lab where they can complete different activities and watch videos related to each unit of their books, either in the computer room of the school or at home. Teachers can then track the attained scores as well as electronically assign homework to be done till a certain deadline. Teachers and learners can log into the site here

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