Sunday, November 22, 2015


This is what our French e-pals had to say about the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Valuable food for thought to all of us.

1) How do you feel about the terrorrist attacks in Paris?

We were really surprised and shocked. We feel very sad and hurt. We are scared and insecure because it could happen here next time. We feel frustrated because we don't understand. We feel sorry for those who died, for those who are injured and for those who lived these attacks. Some of us feel angry and even revengeful.

2) Do you know people who were in Paris that Friday? 

Some of us had friends or relatives who were in the stadium watching the football match. Others had friends watching the concert in the Bataclan theatre but none of them died. They are deeply hurt and/or wounded.

3) How do you feel about the future? 

We are pessimistic. We think there are going to be more and more terrorist attacks. We are at war. There may be a Civil War in France or even a WW3.

Their teacher's additional comments: 

However, most of them say they won't stop going to Paris because of these attacks. (Paris is 2 hours away from Verdun by high speed train or 3 hours by car) Some of them are going to Disney theme park this weekend ! Others are forbidden to go to Paris by their parents. All of them have watched photos of the massacres on TV and on social networks.

They told me that they're afraid of a terrorist attack in Verdun in 2016 when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Verdun (WW1). French President Fran├žois Hollande will be there. Barack Obama and Angela Merkel will be there too. Verdun will be in the spotlight and, due to the context, it scares them.

They mentioned the dog, Diesel, who was killed last Wednesday. It was a she. She was a police attack dog. She went into the flat in Saint Denis near Paris. There were terrorists hiding in the flat. The police broke into the flat at 4 AM, the dog charged and was shot. They were sad about her death.  

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