Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Cambridge English 5 Teaching Challenges: Watch the video on YouTube.

If you are a teacher and you feel you need to change your lesson routine, then choose and rise to one of the Cambridge English teaching challenges.

How the Challenges work (extract from the above webpage)

With each Challenge, you explore a key area of teaching in five simple steps. Each step takes just 1–2 hours to complete.

Each week, we’ll email you a new step, with links to all the videos, articles and resources you need to complete it. You can do as many Challenges as you like, and in any order. We recommend you do one at a time. Then, if you like, you can start another Challenge!

We will send you a Record of Achievement when you finish all five steps of your Challenge. You can complete this and add it to your professional development portfolio.

Good luck to all participants. You are going to read more about my students' progress concerning the error correction challenge on this blog. 

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