Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Right before the presentation. More convention photos here

Here I am, having returned from Athens, where the 34th TESOL Greece convention took place, with a sincere grin! What an experience, I keep saying to myself. Having to get back to work immediately, my mind hasn't yet processed the event in all its glory: adept presenters from all around the world, enlightening presentations and plenaries, dinner and roof garden party with the best company one could ever ask for.

I have also been fortunate enough to have coffee with bloggers widely known in the greek blogosphere and invite them to participate in the end-of-year school event I am currently organising. I am not going to disclose more information; you will have to stay tuned to see what is coming next in the frenzy of the interconnected world of blogging!

On top of all those wonderful encounters, the chance to join thousands of bikes cycling around all Athens at the so called FreeDay event has been invaluable. The creation of an unprecedented Tern Greece folding bike club with my friends is to be included in the highlights of the weekend.

Folding bikes go everywhere! More cycling photos here.

More news: in a few days, I am going to upload an iBook including all the articles I have written about teacher and student blogging. You will be able to download it freely and possibly add your own ideas to it. Related updates will be posted on this blog.

Last but not least, here is all the material from my presentation. I hope you find some of the advice useful and I welcome all comments under this post.

What an enchanting learning adventure! Thank you TESOL Greece for the hospitality. My dream is to meet all these exceptional educators in one of the upcoming TESOL conventions. This will once again give me the opportunity to return on 1st April and announce to the incredulous young students, 'I have been at a global convention, met interesting people of different nationalities, showed them your work and they loved it!', only to receive 'Happy April Fool's Day!' as an answer. Too good and true, I will think quietly. 

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