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These A2+ level students had to write an email as homework, so they decided to turn it into an actual emailing experience by electronically sending their texts to their teacher! The targeted language includes various word groups, such as work, schools, home life and entertainment. As far as grammar is concerned, the Future Simple, Future Perfect Simple and Future Continuous were the intended tenses to be used. Only certain grammatical or spelling errors have been corrected, which might have confused the readers, otherwise. Enjoy!

This is where we usually write down everything, but
this time we chose the writing of the future: emails!


The Destination 2040 website is very good and I like it. When I saw this website for first time, I liked it very much. I'd like to tell you what my predictions are for the future of entertainment.

First of all, I think that our life will have changed a lot by the year 2040. My life will be much busier than now and my children's life will be very different from mine and more enjoyable. The house of the future will be more modern and the housework will be done by domestic robots. The technology in the house will be very different. I don't know what jobs we will have started doing, but I think that we will be doing a lot of new jobs. I think that I will be a computer programmer because I like computers and without computers in the future, we won't do anything. The education in the future will be very different with laptops in the students and interactive boards. The teacher, I think, will be a robot with knowledge and it will answer the questions of the students. Finally, I think that we won't have more free time in the future because our work will be more demanding and we will be busier.

The future can't be predicted but this is my opinion and I think that the future will be very different.



I love Destination: 2040! website. Well done! My predictions are that the future will be very different from now.

First of all, I think that life for me and my children will be very difficult. Life on planet Earth will be disgusting, but we'll have gone to other planets and we'll be going from one planet to the other with space cars, space cycles and generally space machines and space motors.We'll live in the planet's atmosphere and we won't need other ways to breathe.

I think the houses will be oval and they will be flying. The interior of the houses will be deluxe and they will have automatic cleaning.All the rooms will be with the latest technology and systems, too .Also, the computers will be able to talk to us or not, if we don't want that.

As for the new jobs, I have no idea but I think that the new jobs  will be more than today, a lot more , because the new technology will create a lot of jobs. However, some will disappear because they won't be useful anymore.

In the future the education will have become a play which will provide the knowledge the kids need.They will have everything the kids want. For the teachers I don't know if they will be replaced by robots. I think that we'll have more free time because,although the people will have more work , they will do it easier and faster because of the new and very much improved machines and work robots.



I am writing to share my predictions about what future will bring to mankind.

My opinion about the future is that life will be more difficult than today.Technology will be the best thing. For children life won't be good. Maybe they will have robot teachers , but these won't be real teachers. As for the housework,domestic robots will cook, vacuum and do our homework. My job will be an assistant in a huge company of computers because technology will be a global power. Education will be tiring for children because they will have a lot of homework and they will have to carry a computer with them. Finally, life will be untolerable with a lot of problems.




This is what future will be like, in my opinion.

Life in the future will change. I think that we will live in a very different world. We will probably live in a different planet, such as Mars or the Moon. Our children will have other games to play and other occupations. Also, there's a chance people will stop using cars and start using other means of transport.

Houses in future will probably change. By 2040, I suppose that all houses will have domestic robots Those robots will be doing all the housework, like mowing the lawn, cooking, vacuuming, etc. So,they will be very helpful to all women. Moreover, I think that builders will find new ways to save energy.

Jobs will also change. Some jobs will disappear and others will appear. For example, computer programmers or video games testers can be two new professions. I think that some jobs will improve, but others will not. The perfect job for every person in the world depends on the skills that every person has and the enjoyment of the job. So the job that will suit me better is that of a footballer because I have the necessary skills to be one.

Being taught by robots would be a nightmare because robots don't have feelings like people do, so real teachers will understand better the problems of the children.



Subject: Destination 2040

Hello everyone!

I am writing about the future and the changes we are going to see.

I believe the houses will have modern technology, like machines that turn off and on with speech recognition and maybe domestic robots to do the housework.

Firstly, I think there will be new programs about living on the moon and how to be protected from dangers there. If a program like that will succeed in 2040, then many scientists will be working on the moon and being a miner won't be a thing of the past any more. Many mines will be created to take materials from the moon to build or make machines, tools and more. I think I'll be an astronomer because I really want to be a astronomer now and I know a lot about the universe and I really like it.

I don't think, like many people do,  that robots will have replaced teachers.That's because teachers feel like the students feel and have felt like them when they were children, too.Robots won't have that expierience and they surely won't have feelings like ours to understand children, like teachers do.

As for work, some jobs will need less hours thanks to improved technology. Others will need the same time and others will maybe need more time, like being a teacher. Teachers will have more to teach to children, so they'll need more time to teach them.




I love the Destination:2040 !website! Well done! I'd like to tell you what my predictions are.

First of all, life will be very different in 2040 because technology will have changed and everything will be better. Scientists will have learnt more, So they will have developed lots of machines, like robots. Houses will have robots which will cook and clean the bedrooms. Also many people will have lost their jobs because robots will have taken them, since they will be very fast. Secondly, schools will be really different. Some countries won't have schools because students will use PCs to learn everything. In other countries robots will be teachers! Finally, people will have more free time. Everyone will have a 3D TV and computers will have thousands of films available over the Internet and amazing computer games!





I love destination:2040! website! Well done! I would like to tell you what my predictions are for the future.

First of all, I think that everyone will communicate with computers. Secondly there will be many changes in our schools and houses, so we may have robots for teachers and domestic robots in our houses.For this reason, life will have become easier and we will have more free time for ourselves. Finally, technology will have evolved and we will control many things, like a TV with our mind.

Thanks! Bye!


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