Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The new iTDi Blog is now live! Twice a month, the iTDI Blog will feature six authors writing on a shared theme. In the very first issue Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto, Chuck Sandy, Steven Herder, Yitzha Sarwono, Cecilia Lemos and Scott Thornbury share insights, ideas and anecdotes about second language errors and the teachers' response to them. Have a look and join the conversation.
I would like to share my thoughts on Barbara's post and ask for other teachers' views on the topic:
I think what you say in the end sums everything up perfectly; sometimes when a teacher lets go of constant error correction, students eventually get it more easily than we may think! This is a part of the very process of language learning, which is identical even when it comes to our mother tongue. Offering the right linguistic item and then ignoring some minor mistakes made along the way can do the trick, after all. We wouldn’t like to fossilize the wrong things, like fear or confusion, in the young students’ minds, as Chuck says in his post, would we?

In the second issue on March 5th, the question of 'How important is homework?' will be dealt by six more iTDi authors, including myself. We will welcome all constructive comments and fruitful discussions!

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