Sunday, October 30, 2011


We have resumed our email exchanges with our amazing French e-pals! All classes from B' to E' (children aged 11 to 14) were extremely happy to introduce themselves to and share their news with their fellow students in France. A most suitable way to practice English having an authentic purpose in a real-life context! If you click on the label 'E-pals project' under this post, you can discover more writing samples and information about this project. Here is a sneak peek at what some of the older students have written. (The first names have been reduced for obvious reasons.)

Hi N. !
How are you? We are C. and L. How old are you? We are 14 years old.
L. has got one little brother (L, 9 years old) and one little sister (L, 5 years old). C. has got one little sister (M, 10 years old) and one little brother (M, 7 years old). Do you have any brothers and sisters? 

L. lives in Souilly and C. in Dieue sur Meuse. And you? We live in France and you? 

Do you have a Facebook and/or msn account? If you have Facebook, we can be friends. We are girls and you? We think, you are a girl too.

We dance in the same club at Ancemont. We are in the same class at Louis de Broglie school. We are good friends. L has got a cat and C hasn't got any pets. Do you have any pets? 

Do you speak English very well? And do you speak French or another language? We love Macdonald's (fast food restaurants) and Nutella (this is a very good chocolate with milk and hazelnuts, do you have Nutella in Greece?) And you? 

We like shopping, swimming and hanging out with our friends. What do you like?
Bye, L and C. 

Ps : Can you send a picture of you, please? And we can send a picture too next time. There are two pictures of Souilly and Dieue sur Meuse (situation on a map of France).

Hello girls!

Thanks for your email! It was great to hear from you! I'm 13 years old!

I've got an older brother and an older sister! My brother's name is J (he's 25 years old).My sister's name is H (she's 21 years old). They study in Athens! I also have three pets, two dogs and a cat!

I live in Heraklion-a small town on the island of Crete, Greece...It's a beautiful country. You should visit it someday!Winking smile

I love playing the keyboards! I like pop and rock music.What kinds of music do you like? I also like playing volleyball with my dad at weekends. Do you have any hobbies you enjoy doing?

I've got a facebook AND an MSN account, so I would love to be friends with you! Open-mouth smileI'm a girl,too, so we'll have a lot of things to talk about!Smile with tongue

I like english and I can speak quite well, I think... I speak some French,too ( I love it!Smile). I like eating Nutella- I'm mad about it!, but I can't eat too much...Crying face

I'm sorry, but I can't send you a photo of me, because I'm replying to you from class, so I don't have any photos here!!Sad smile

Write back soon and tell me more about your life and habits!

Best wishes,N


  1. Nice activity, I would love that my students could do the same. Having friends from different countries is really a nice experience.

  2. It surely is, Julian! I am sure you can find a teacher on Twitter who would like to cooperate with you on this. It is worth all the trouble! The kids have fun and learn at the same time!


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