Friday, August 12, 2011


We were lucky to be paid a visit on 9th August by Barbara Goodison, previously a teacher in our school now living in New Zealand. Her two wonderful children, Nick and Anna, were with her and had the chance to meet the two D- Class girls, Nassia and Christina. What amazed us was the ease with which they discussed (in English) about their preferences and hobbies and also played some games with a doll they named 'James'!

Another thing which benefited our students the most was the presentation of certain cultural features of New Zealand by the two eager inhabitants of it: Nick explained everything about the popular sports there (including rugby and cricket), while Anna, who is very passionate about birds, drew a kiwi on the board and described how it looks like to the surprised Greek students who had no idea such a bird existed!

Barbara subsequently took part in the conversation, asking questions to the girls about the landscapes as well as traditional food in Greece, which in turn led to more questions about the strangest dishes in New Zealand and Britain.

After having a great time together, all the children agreed to become e-pals and exchange emails in the year to come so as to share their news. Nick and Anna also welcomed the thought of writing comments on the girls' class blog as a way to keep in touch with them.

The girls received one more unexpected visit by Sotiria, their beloved blog follower they were so curious about! Once again, they talked in English (Sotiria happens to be a C2-level student of the school) and they made Sotiria promise to drop by after the August holiday to show them some of the photographs she has taken from her travels in Europe.

What an amazing adventure learning can be! Nassia draws a very similar conclusion in her blog post where she describes the events of that specific day and how she felt.

Thank you, Sotiria and Barbara, for everything you did for the girls! Words cannot describe our gratitude. We expect you back the soonest possible, yearning for more enlightening discussions!

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