Monday, April 4, 2011


Emails are constantly going back and forth between France and Greece! The topics of the latest ones have been everyday routines and physical appearance. You can see a sample interaction below. If you wish to read more on the whole project, click on the label 'E-pals project' at the bottom of the post.

What is also extremely interesting is that the French students have already prepared a presentation of their school which includes photos and descriptions of the children themselves. You can see it posted on their class blog: We intend to provide them with a description of our school shortly.

3. Hi Sarah, 

Thanks for your amazing e-mails. I like your routine and your appearance!

I am writing to tell you about my everyday routine and my physical appearance.

I  wake up at half past seven. I have breakfast at a quarter past eight. The school bus goes by my house at eight o'clock. School starts at half past eight and it finishes at 14.20 some days and at 13.40 some other days. After school I go home and I have lunch. I do my homework at 5 o'clock and I study for my piano lessons. Then I play or surf the Net. Also, I have basketball, English and drawing lessons on different days of the week. In the evening, I watch TV or I surf the Net. I have supper at about half past nine and I go to bed at 10 o'clock.

As for my appearance, I have got shoulder-length blond hair and brown eyes. I am of medium height and I  am slim. I have got fair skin too.    

Write back soon, 

P.S. This is a photo of me playing English games:

2. Hello!!
I am a girl. I am from France. I have got long blond hair, blue eyes and a small nose, but I have not got freckles. I have got braces and fair skin. I am slim. I am tall.

I  wake up at 6 : 30 ( = half past six ) but I get up at 6:35 ( = twenty - five to seven ).
I have breakfast at 6 : 35 ( = twenty - five  to seven ).
I brush my teeth at 6 : 43 ( = quater to seven )
I get  dressed at 6 : 55 ( = five to seven )
I comb my hair at 7 : 00 ( = seven o'clok )
I make my bed at 7 : 05 ( = five past seven )
I go to school by bus at 7 : 10 ( = ten past seven )
 I LOVE YOU  Katerina ! 

1.   Hi Sarah,
 My name is Katerina and I'm eleven and a half years old. I  come from Greece and I live in Iraklio , on the island of  Crete. I  can play basketball  and I can draw well. I haven't got a pet . I love singing and music , too. ( I play the piano) Also, I have got a sister. Her name is Marianna. Have you got a sister? If you want, you can visit this link to see the comic I made:
Where do you live? Please tell me about  your town.


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