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D' Class students had to write about their predictions for the future last week and some 'techno-wizards' decided to email them to me! So, peer into their crystal ball and get a glimpse of how the future will be like!


The world always changes,so we are not sure about what life will be like. But, in my opinion, we can think about many things that could change in the future.

First of all,life will be easier in 2040 because the number of people always increases.So,we will surely need more experienced people to help us.We will need more doctors,teachers,bus drivers,etc. Secondly,as technology develops,robots can help us with the housework.Domestic robots will be our helpers and we won't worry about anything!Many scientists will try to invent a machine that can think,but this will be very difficult for them.

The houses of the future will be very big and tall.Every house will have 10 large rooms.We won't have to pay any money and if an accdent happens,other people will pay the money for you!!

People in 2040 will be working in offices in their own houses.They will have a room that will have all the things they need.Jobs, like a computer programmer or a video- game tester, will be very famous because there will be many computers and other machines.But everyone will be working only for 3 hours a day and we will be free to relax.

Another thing that may happen is the robot-teachers.If scientists invent robots that can think and launch them to shops where we can buy them, it is very possible that children will then have robotic teachers.

Entertainment maybe will change.We won't go to the cinema to watch a film because we will have it on our computer screen.We won't go to the theatre because we will have the TV to watch people starring in a film. TVs will change a lot.They will get bigger,better and cheaper and everyone will have one 3D television.

That is all I think that it may happen in 2040!!


Teenagers think that things will change a lot by the year 2040! I agree... A lot of things will change and the planet will be better I think because people won't use cars but only bikes or environmentally-friendly cars! The year 2040 things will be better!

The year 2040 people will have a comfortable life with no work because robots will exist and they will do all the work ..So all the families will be happy and are going to spend their time on games and other amusing activities.

Everything will have become automatic and we will not do anything! Robots will do everything for us.. life will be very beautiful.

Of course we will have made a machine which will think because technology will be very advanced!This machine will think, but it will do the housework too ...I am looking forward to this!

By the year 2040 people won't work because there will be domestic robots. There will be robots for the office, as well.

In my opinion, we will not work harder. Quite the opposite, we will relax every day, we won't be working every day and we are going to play with our kids on the beach, in parks, in the house!Our life will be easier in 2040!

I don't know what movies we will be watching .....but I believe there will be thrillers, comedies and scary movies!


What will life be like for you and your children?
Life in 2040 will be easier for me and my children because children won't have to go to school, as they will be able to have lessons using web cameras or chats and I won't have to go to work.I will be able to work from home.

Will everything be automatic?
Yes, I think most of the things will be automatic and they will turn on and off only when we tell them to do so.

Are we going to have domestic robots to serve us?
Yes, I believe that domestic robots will be in every house where they will be programmed to do all the housework, they will serve us and they will do everything we say to them.

Will we ever make a machine that can think?
I thing that by 2040 we will have made a machine that can think because technology will be much improved.

What do you think the house of the future will be like?
In the house of the future I think that everything will be automatic and will work only when we tell them to do so.I also believe that most of the things in the house will have been improved and all the hard work will be easier to do.

How will people be working in 2040?
In 2040 most of the people will work in front of a computer from their homes and all the important meetings will be done using web cams.

What new jobs will we have started doing by 2040?
I think one of the jobs that people will be doing by 2040 is domestic robot programmer and a lot of other robot programmers.

What job do you think you'll be doing?
I think I will be a successful dentist.

Give us your opinion on the future of education.
I think the lessons in the future will be done using web cams or chat rooms where the whole lesson will be able to take place.

What will we be watching and playing in 2040?
I think that all the movies in 2040 will be in 3D and in High Definition and I believe that the games will have been improved and they will be more real.

Will new forms of entertainment come along?
Yes, I believe that computers will be bigger and you will be able to watch movies in 3D and as for the television, you'll be able to switch channels just by talking to them.

Is television here for ever?
Yes, I think television will still exist by 2040 as it is a great way to have fun and not so bad for your health as the computer.

Will we still be going to the cinema in 2040?
No, I believe that in 2040 there won't be any cinemas because all the new movies will be released on the Internet where we will be able to watch them or download them for free.

What kinds of films will we be watching?
I think that the people's choices won't change a lot so we will be watching the same kinds of films as now.

Will we have more free time or will we be working even longer hours?
I believe that we will have much more free time because working from home will be much easier and faster because of the computer technology that will have been improved.


My predictions are many , but I will tell you some of them . Life will be easier and robots will do everything for us . We will all move around with flying machines and we will have personal helicopters and jets . In my view , everything wiil be automatic and we will have domestic robots to do all our work and to serve us . Builders are always finding new ways to save energy and a good way to save energy is that we can all use in our houses led lights ecological lamps . Many jobs will disappear because everything will be automatic , but also many new jobs will appear in the future ,but they will be harder and not many people will do them . I hope my future job won't disappear from robots and other things like that because I want to be a P.E.. trainer . Also , in the future many video games and other consoles will come up and also many films will be produced . We won't have to go to the cinema in the future because we are all going to have home cinemas in our house . That's my opinion about the future!

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