Friday, July 30, 2010


This is the glog which was made by the students who went on the educational trip to London organized by the school. You can see it here.

Below you can read a brief narration of this experience written by the students themselves. It can also be found on their glog.

We recently came back from a trip to London. It was one of the greatest experiences of our lives because it was the first time we travelled abroad! Everything was different: the buildings, the people, the way they drove! We saw so many amazing and historical things that our minds are full of pictures! 
First of all, we were very impressed with how organised people and everything there were! The Tube was unbelievable- we loved it! London is full of parks and greenery. For example, Hyde park which was in Bayswater area was the best park we have ever been to! The colours of the sky, the trees and the grass were a perfect combination! London is like a city in a fairy tale because it is full of towers, palaces and important history.
We have to admit that the Queen's palace wasn't as impressive as we had expected. What we mean is that Saint James park was better! Finally, the three things that impressed us the most were: the Big Ben (which was actually really huge), Madame Tussauds Museum (which was the best part) and the cruise on river Thames (which was amazing although dirty). These are some of our memories!!!!


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  2. What a wonderful song you chose for your students, Carlos! The activities are interesting, too. We'll drop by your page next time we are at the computer room. :)

  3. I have recently returned from London. I went there with my friends Anna and Elena on an educational trip with our teacher Maria Markaki to learn about the culture of English people and their lifestyle.

    We went on a cruise on the river Thames where we saw a lot of buildings and learned about their history. We went to Greenwich , the queen's palace to see the guards changing and we went to chelsea's stadium which is big and wonderful. We also went to harrods which is the biggest department store I have ever seen. In addition, we went to three museums
    : the natural history museum , the science museum and the british museum where you can learn about ancient people and their lifestyle. We went shopping in oxford street wich is very big and it has a lot of shops. Further more , we went to oxford which is a small town with a lot of colleges.

    On the last day of aour trip we went to Madame Tussauds which is a wonderful place and huge. We took pictures with a lot of famous people. In my view this trip was incredible and I have learned a lot of about England and I want to go again next year.


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