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Environmental problems have always been a great concern for the teachers of our school; thus, we try by any means available to urge students to contemplate on the rapidly deteriorating conditions in our planet so as to come up with practical tips and ideas about how all of us can make minor adjustments to our everyday life that will collectively turn out to be of major importance.

In this context, the environment was the main topic of the presentation C' and D' class students gave during the  end-of-year farewell show on Friday 28th May. Having done a lot of work on the topic, not only in their  coursebooks but also on the Internet, students were happy to exhibit parts of this work as a sign of their constantly developing 'green' consciousness.

C' Class: Turning into snow (by wearing the white jackets) as part of the water cycle!
C' Class: Turning into snow (by wearing the white jackets) as part of the water cycle!

More specifically, C' Class students enacted the water cycle by being the cheerful drops which narrated the adventures they had through all the stages of that cycle. Subsequently, as true 00E spies (E standing for environment!) they sang a rap song from the Top Secret coursebooks about what we need to pay attention to if we are to save our planet. We chose to include this song in the show even though it was not part of the actual C' Class book and, since everyone enjoyed the lyrics so much, here they are:

I'm 00E, the environment man.
I'm a spy and recycling's biggest fan.
If we don't save paper, there'll be too few trees.
Pollution will get worse if we don't save energy.
I wouldn't drop litter if I were you.
Switch off the lights and cycle to school.
Don't destroy the planet. Think before you do.
Because I'm 00E and I'm watching you!
What followed next was the projection of this Greenpeace video on the screen so as for parents to understand and discuss further the message the children wanted to convey.

The surprise for the end were D' Class students who read projects they had prepared on various environmental issues and sent messages already discussed in class on Earth Day (April 22). On the screen behind them related information (in Greek) was projected in order for the audience to form a more comprehensive picture of the gravity of the situation.

Environment projects by D' Class
Environment projects by D' Class
The messages D' Class students recited:
  • We celebrate Earth Day on April 22 to remind us to take care of our world.
  • We need to keep our streams, ponds, lakes and rivers clean for us to have good water.
  • We need to keep the ocean clean to protect the living things that make it their home.
  • Pollution is causing danger to the air we breathe, the soil, and our water sources.
  • This can cause health problems to people and harm animals living on Earth.
  • Each of us can help recycle and reuse things instead of throwing them away.
  • We need to keep trash cleaned up so our world will be beautiful. 
  • Use garbage cans instead of littering.
  • Let’s start by cleaning up trash in our school, homes and neighborhoods!
  • We also can use less water when we brush our teeth and don’t let the water run.
  • We can turn off lights when we leave a room to save electricity.
  • We can use both sides of a sheet of paper and take a lunchbox to save paper and trees.
  • We can recycle plastic, glass, and newspapers. We can plant new trees.
  • These are just a few ways we can all make a difference and care for our world!

(Written by Marci McGowan

You can see some of the D' Class projects recited here.
For more photos from all the show, please visit

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