Saturday, January 2, 2010


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The idea came from the Free Technology for Teachers blog.

New Year's Day is all about setting new goals to achieve in the year that has come. If you are absolutely positive that you need to change certain things that you do, but you have no idea which ones exactly (!), try clicking on the picture and, then, the 'Gimme More' button at the bottom of the page to be presented with a range of resolutions, some of them admittedly being really inspiring!

Grammar note:

We use 'will' followed by the bare infinitive (i.e. verb without 'to') to make personal predictions about the future. However, it is not certain whether these predictions will come true or not. If we have planned something so that this is more likely to happen, we use the Present Continuous or 'be going to' to refer to it.

Examples containing ideas from the New Year's Resolution Generator:
  • This year I will create something that betters the lives of others.
  • I am definitely building a tree-house this weekend.
  • He is going to try his hand at astrophotography and photograph the stars tonight.

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