Friday, January 22, 2010


Anna Minadaki, a student of D' Class, was more than happy to bring her own laptop at school and publish her project on the web. Way to go, Anna!

I was really glad to receive an email from stating that Anna's project was tweeted more than any other document at that particular moment; as a result, it was placed on the homepage of the site (in the 'Hot on Twitter' section).

Some projects on travelling and the environment by other D' Class students:

'Pollution from factories' by Chryssanthi Markaki

'The hole in the ozone layer' by Helena Kalogeraki

'A postcard from Antarctica' by Maria Spanoudaki


  1. Good work Anna. I loved Crete, the people, the climate and the food when I visited back in 1996. Your project looks fantastic. Great English too

  2. Thank you Dave (on Anna's behalf) for your encouraging words! I am sure she will be thrilled when she sees your comment. Due to Anna's all-inclusive description, you now know all the options available to you when you decide to visit Crete again in the future! :-)