Sunday, November 15, 2009


Here is a list of links aiming at helping present or future candidates as well as teachers in their exploration of online resources.

Our students' blogs full of sample texts and links

Achieving Proficiency

Wiki with various word lists and other samples of written work:

Blogs including an array of links about reading, listening and writing:


The official page

The page for all test takers; click on "ECPE"

Writing scoring system

ECPE speaking scoring rubric

Sample essays from the writing section: corrected by trained raters

On this blog:

ECPE WRITING TIPS: link list about the writing section


All ECPE posts


Online tests:

Free grammar quiz on

Free reading, cloze, grammar and vocabulary tests on Fullspate


An overview of the Michigan ECPE exam

Free online reading, cloze, grammar and vocabulary tests

Advice on the new speaking test

Analysis of grammar questions

Essay writing advice

ECPE Survival Guide: advice concerning all sections

Finally, there is an incredibly interesting article on Fullspate named The Greek Proficiency Mania which refers to the rush of most Greek students to get this much coveted degree at too early an age. It also points out the need to enjoy the learning procedure and take your time through it, without trying 'to run before you can walk'. Most importantly, it highlights the need to do a degree in English at university in case your dream is to teach the language.

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