Wednesday, April 1, 2009


  • Today the Mayor will be in the central square of Heraklion to distribute some cheques to elderly people. If you are over 60, go to Eleftherias square and stand in the queue to take your cheque of 300 euros. (Aliki, adult learner of upper- intermediate level)
  • Poisonous mosquitos are coming to Europe from Africa. (Michael and Minas, B' Class)
  • People destroyed the Statue of Liberty because they wanted to make another one with Obama. (Panayiotis and Konstantinos, B' Class)
  • In Rome, a terrible earthquake happened and destroyed the Colosseum. Thousands of people died. Almost the whole city was destroyed. (Alithia, Rafaela and Pavlina, B' Class)
  • The rare alien wasps are coming! They have got a hundred legs, twenty wings, twenty thousand eyes, two noses, a thousand tongues and lots of spaceships. They are destructive! Go to the nearest planet fast! (Christos, A' Class)
  • In the town center there is a spaceship filled with aliens. You must go there and find the aliens' treasure. Scientists say that in 2016 the world will be destroyed by the aliens!(George, Marios and George, A' Class)
  • Some aliens in army clothes are coming to our country. Their plan is to destroy our country and then take our planet. They are scary and immortal. They have got small and big spacecrafts and a big laser firegun which can destroy a small planet. All the people are frightened and they stay in their houses. This is a bad idea, we should all go in spaceships and hide in other planets. (Stergios and Nick, A' Class)
  • A doctor from London one day cured a dog and he saw that the dog ate an alien. (Christina and Rafaela, A' Class)
  • In Heraklion, there is a flying car in the sky. It is very frightening. It has got ten wheels and two steering wheels. It is very destructive. People are trying to save their life, but they can't. They are all very frightened and they left their houses, cities and villages. (Eve, A' Class)
  • Someone said that a mosquito- tiger (a rare kind of mosquito) is coming to our town. Everybody believed it and got scared and they left the town. That was a successful joke, do it and everybody will believe you! ((Nassia, A' Class)

In case you are about to leave the planet, 
please read the last line of our credible news report:


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