Monday, June 9, 2008

C' CLASS: WHAT CAN WE DO TO SAVE THE EARTH? (5 June: World Environment Day)

  1. Don't throw rubbish in the sea because the fish die. (by Rafaela Kokkinou)
  2. When you go out, switch off the TV and all the lights. (by Rafaela Kokkinou)
  3. When we open the air condition, we can close the doors and the windows. (by Maria Kassotaki)
  4. We shouldn't cut trees from the rainforests. (by Akis Sougias)
  5. We shouldn't use cars and motorbikes a lot. We should use bikes. (by Akis Sougias)
  6. We should protect the plants and the endangered species of our country. (by Michael Christodoulakis)
  7. We shouldn't waste water without reason. (by Michael Christodoulakis)
  8. If we wash our clothes at 30 degrees, we save energy. (by Nick Tzanidis)
  9. I don't think we should drive to school. Cycling to school would save energy, too. (by Nick Tzanidis)
  10. I usually help the dustman with my friend and it is fun! (by Hara Vitorou)
  11. We should close the windows in winter to keep warm. If we do this, we will use the air condition less. (by Chris Babis)
  12. We shouldn't throw rubbish in the street. (by Marios Priniotakis)
  13. Put your rubbish in the special bins and recycle it. You must recycle paper, glass, plastic and tins. (by Aris and Manos Lyrintzakis)

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  1. This is a mail our school received regarding this post:

    Hello Maria

    I came across your website

    It was purely by chance.

    What I found amusing is the presentation topic "We shouldn't waste water without reason. (by Michael Christodoulakis)"

    Ironically I work for the "Water Corporation" in Australia - and his topic is widely discussed and an ongoing issue.

    Anyway if you could be so kind as to pass on my best wishes for Michael.

    Also, let him know that we at the Water Corporation are always trying to get this message across to all our water consumers.

    Michael Christodoulakis
    Capital Investment Branch
    WATER Corporation


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