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Learn English Teens by the British Council has got an amazing variety of A1 up to B2 level writing activities, those including preparatory as well as comprehension-checking ones.

We found the for-and-against essay on the Internet (B1 level) to be related to a frequent exam topic.

More writing samples from our class blogs

C2 level:

B2 level:

B1 level:

A2 level:

Here is a video containing useful exam writing tips.


A1 level: The Present

Note: Find an amazing lesson plan on this video by David Deubelbeiss here.

A2/ B1 level: Extra English episodes

B2/ C1 level: How did language begin?

Note: Activate the English subtitles included in this video.

C2 level: Lessons from death row inmates

Note: Students can also use the interactive transcript on

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What makes a good Speaking test candidate? In this video three examiners give their advice and tips for the Cambridge English: First and Cambridge English: Advanced Speaking tests.

A complete ECCE speaking test

A complete ECPE speaking test

A complete FCE speaking test

A complete CPE speaking test


A new short film starring Stephen Fry will explain the essence of British culture to foreign visitors arriving at London Heathrow. The video, released on the airport’s free Wi-Fi page, features the actor, often described as a national treasure, musing on the etiquette of quintessentially British concerns, including agreeing with strangers, the “after you; no, after you” loop and cheering if someone drops a plate.

“From Snowdon to the Scottish Highlands and London to Londonderry, modern Britain is a truly extraordinary place,” said Fry. “No matter where you go, you’re sure to talk about the weather, will need something waterproof to hand, and are likely to meet someone who feels the need to apologise profusely for everything they do."

(All above are extracts from Travel.)

Note: Learners can double- click on any word on this blog to get its definition.  


In "Space Oddity", from the album David Bowie (1969, later retitled Space Oddity), Major Tom's departure from Earth is successful and everything goes according to plan. At a certain point during the travel ('past one hundred thousand miles'), he thinks that "my spaceship knows which way to go" and proceeds to say "Tell my wife I love her very much." Control then informs him, "Ground Control to Major Tom: your circuit's dead, there's something wrong" and attempts to reestablish contact with Major Tom. Tom's final words in the song (possibly not heard by Ground Control) are: "Here... am I floating in my tin can, far above the Moon. Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do."

A) This song is about alienation and distancing yourself away from people by getting so lost in your mind that you're high up above everyone else. It's about becoming cynical and seeing the world as a sad place but being unable to communicate with anyone about it. "Planet earth is blue and there's nothing I can do" - he realizes there's nothing he can do about all of the problems he sees in the world. "Can you hear me Major Tom? Can you hear me Major Tom? - He's lost communication with those on the ground (i.e. in reality). "The papers want to know who's shirts you wear" - something small and insignificant normal people would worry about seems so small and unimportant to this man metaphorically up in space looking down on the world. "The stars look very different today" - the more you spend time in your mind thinking about things, the more your perception of everything will change.

B) Major Tom finds himself floating in space, and all of a sudden, he knows that he was never meant for life on earth. "Planet earth is blue" in both the literal sense and the figurative: it's a sad place. There's nothing he can do about it. He marvels at the "tin can" that was his means of escape from the sad blue marble. He's "feeling very still," or calm and serene, floating in space. At that moment, he knows he's a space traveler. His "space ship knows which way to go." He leaves. He's finally free. He leaves a farewell for his wife, and sets out to start living his life where he belongs: floating round in his tin can.

1. an odd or remarkably unusual person, thing, or event.
2. the quality of being odd; singularity, strangeness, or eccentricity.
3. an odd characteristic or trait; peculiarity.

Sunday, December 20, 2015



My name's Jim Matamis.I live in Heraklion.On school days I often get up at half past seven.

My mum always has breakfast with me.I go to school at eight o'clock.I don't go by helicopter.My best friend is Sarandis and he doesn't go by bus. We walk to school, but there isn't a bridge. I meet my friends and I play computer games.

Bye for now,



My name is Nick.I live in Heraklion ,Crete,Greece.On school days I get up at half past seven.

In the mornings I never eat breakfast.I go to school on foot every day at eight o'clock.After school,I go to my house,I study and I do my homework.I eat with my brother. Then,I go to my football training or to my English lessons.

In the evening I study again,I eat dinner and then I watch TV with my family.

What about you? What do you do in your free time? I am waiting for your next email.

Bye for now


My name is Paul. I live in Heraklion ,Crete . I always get up at eight o' clock.

In the morning, I go to the kitchen and I eat my breakfast with my family. I go to school by motorbike. My best friend Jason doesn't go by motorbike. He goes by car.

In the afternoon, I have basketball training at seven o' clock three times a week. I do my homework and then I play computer games.

In the evening, I watch TV and at quarter to nine I have dinner. What about you? What do you do every day? I am waiting for your next e-mail!
Bye for now,

Dear Kostas

My name is George and I live in Heraklion. On school days I always get up at quarter past six.

In the morning I usually have breakfast. I go to school at eight o'clock on foot. Twice a week I have English lessons.

In the evening I go for a walk with my family and we seldom eat in a restaurant.

What about you? What do you do every day? I am waiting for your next email.

Bye for now,


Hello Mary,

My name is Sevi. I live in Greece and I get up at six o'clock and sometimes I get up at eight o'clock.

I always go to school. I do athletics twice a week and I have English lessons twice a week.

I go to bed every night.

What about you? What do you do every day? I am waiting for your next email.

Bye for now,


Our names are Thalia and Evridiki. We live in Heraklion Crete. We get up at seven o'clock and we have breakfast at half past seven.

We go to school at eight o'clock . We go to bed at nine o'clock .

What is your daily routine?

Bye for now,
Thalia and Evridiki
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